Saturday, September 22, 2007

Raymond Herrera (born Monday, December 18, 1972), is a musician and the drummer, and one of the original members of the Industrial Metal Band Fear Factory. He is credited for inventing the "machine gun" double bass sound. When first listening to Fear Factory most listeners believe that the drumming is too fast for a human and think that it is some sort of drum machine or computer that is creating it. It is an understandable mistake to believe this as Raymond's drum set is rigged with triggers that adjust the sound of the drums so that they come through with a cleaner sound than other drum sets which in turn make it sound more Machine-like or computerized however he does all drumming. Another reason for Raymond's Machine-like drumming is that he plays differently than other drummers of the same genre. He uses more of a stop go technique for his double bass rather than the usual Flooring face that is so popular with other drummers. A good example of this style can be heard on the Fear Factory Songs "Securitron (Police State 2000)" and "No one".Raymond has been a hardcore gamer all his life. His passion for computer games led him to create a company called 3volution Productions, a company that produces orginal songs, remixes, ambient sounds and voice-overs for computer games.His career has earned him 3 gold records, 1 platinum record, and the California Music Award for Best Hard Rock Act.

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